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GIL Express and Interlibrary Loan

GIL Express and Interlibrary Loan


What is ILL?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a system by which libraries request materials form, and supply materials to, other libraries. Its purpose is to obtain books and articles not available in the EGSC Library.

Who is eligible?

Currently enrolled or employed East Georgia State College students, faculty and staff.

Are there any fees?

Usually there is no cost for this service. If the lending library charges a substantial fee for a loan, we would have to discuss this issue with the requester. If you lose or damage materials that need to be returned, the EGSC Library will bill you accordingly.

How to request books.

If, after searching GIL@EGSC you don't find the title you need, you should search the GIL Universal Catalog (GILUC), which has the holdings of all the colleges in the University System of Georgia. The link to GILUC is found within GIL@EGSC. If you cannot find a specific title in GIL@EGSC, go to the EGSC Library website, click on How To, then Request Non-EGSC Material, fill out the appropriate ILL request form and submit it electronically. The person in charge of ILL will place the request for you. You will be notified by email when the item arrives.

How to request articles.

If, after searching full text databases on GALILEO you don't find the full text of an article, you should go to the EGSC Library website, Library Services, Interlibrary Loan Forms, Interlibrary Loan Articles Request, fill out the form and submit it electronically. The person in charge of ILL will request the article for you. You will be notified by email when the item arrives.

How long does it take?

Your photocopy or book could get here in 2 days, or may take as long as 3 weeks. The flow of requests depends on who owns it and whether or not it is on the shelf at the first library asked -- if not, the request automatically goes to the next library identified as an owner. Also, your answers to the questions of "needed by" and "no longer needed after" are important. Every effort is made to get your requests here within your time frame.

Where do I return the materials?

Return all books (not articles) to the Circulation Desk by the due date on the book band. The lending library determines the due date. Library staff must place renewals for items borrowed via Interlibrary Loan. It is best to use ILL material promptly and return it.

How do I check out books through GIL Express (Universal Catalog)?

Gil Express will allow you to order books only from the public colleges in GA (UGA, GSU, Georgia Perimeter, etc.).

Search the GIL Universal Catalog for books using Title, Author, or Subject.

A list of items matching your search will be displayed.

Find the item you wish to request from the list.

Click on the hyperlinked title of the item.

Under "Holdings" Click "Please Log in to enable Gil-Express Request"

Enter Home Institution, Institutional ID (Catcard Number), Last Name, and PIN. (To find out how to get a PIN click here.)

Under "Holdings" Click "Place Gil-Express Request"

Check information and click "Submit Request" (If you are a distance or online student and live closer to another USG institution than to EGSC, you can request that the item delivered there.)

If you have trouble, please contact the library, 478 289-2083.

Once the book is on-site, you will receive an email telling you to pick up your book at the library Information Desk.

Can GIL Express items be renewed?

Policy: Two renewals are allowed. Each renewal is also for 28 days as long as the patron remains eligible and the item is not recalled through the local catalog. Self-renewals are allowed. Staff overrides of the two-renewal limit are not allowed. The item must be returned to the Holding Library and the patron must request the item again.

Can GIL Express items be recalled?

Patron groups who are allowed to place holds/recalls locally may recall GIL Express items through the local catalog. GIL Express items may not be recalled through the Universal Catalog. If an item is out on a GIL Express loan the initial loan period of 28 days will be uninterrupted.

Are there any restrictions on where the GIL Express item may be picked up?

The Pick-up Library, the Home Library and the Holding Library may not be the same library. The GIL Express item may only be picked up from a University System of Georgia Library.

Can I go to a public college in GA and check out a book?

Yes, you can go to any of the 31 University System of Georgia Schools and request books with the Universal Catalog. Items like Reference Books or Special Collections are examples of books that cannot be checked out.  You can return the books at any of the USG school libraries as well.

Remember to bring your EGSC Student/Faculty ID

How do I request a book from another university outside the state of Georgia?

Interlibrary Loan will let you request materials from public colleges outside of the state, private universities, and special libraries.

How to request an Item through ILL:

1. If you have the basic information for the item you want go to the Interlibrary Loan form on the library website (click here). From the library homepage choose the Interlibrary Loan form

4. Fill out the template with the item information

5. When the item has arrived you will be notified by student e-mail

6. Pick up your book at the library Information Desk. For articles you will be notified via email and instrcutions on retrieving your article with Article Exchange.

7. For help with ILL requests please call (478) 289-2085 or (478)289-2088

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What 's the diffrence between GIL-Express and ILL services.

For ordering articles, books, DVD's, dissertations, etc. from libraries worldwide.                                                    Is used for ordering circulating books from the 31 USG libraries, known as GIL-Find @ The Universal Catalog.
ILL is useful for academic research and pleasure reading. Books for academic research and pleasure reading.

Online article form for ILL.

Online book form for ILL.                                                                                                                

Locate books in the GIL-Find Universal Catalog OR click here for detailed instructions.

Articles delivered with Article Exchange - are yours to keep

Books or other items must be returned by the due date or call the EGSC Library (478) 289-2083 for assistance.

Books and other materials must be returned or renewed by the due date. You can return items to the EGSC book drop in the front of the library, the EGSC Library circulation desk, or another USG Library located near you.