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Library Workshops

Virtual Library Services

Online Students Need Help, Too!

Are you teaching an online course? We are happy to partner with you and offer our virtual library services! By including a Librarian in your D2L course, we can assist students with all types of research and information literacy needs customized to your courses and assignments.

Virtual Library Services

  • Discussion board for personalized research assistance

  • Videos and tutorials on topics such as types of sources, finding scholarly articles, citations, and more!

  • Virtual research consultations via email, phone, or Skype

  • Embedded chat box so that students can easily ask a question without leaving D2L

  • Course Guides with resource recommendations available through the EGSC Library

Don’t believe us? Ask Dr. Dee McKinney:

“Having an embedded librarian in a classroom provides tremendous advantages to students. The development of research skills, including how to use library resources fully, makes students stronger writers and critical thinkers. What is the gift of librarians? It’s to bring those specific learning tools to students in a meaningful way—this is their specialty. During my work with Katie, I’ve seen an increase in student success rates and how much libraries—and librarians—can assist students in ways I didn’t even consider.”

Would you like to include a Librarian in your online courses?

It’s easy to get set up!

Just contact Beth Jones at