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Understanding Call Numbers

Browsing Genres

To find books in Browsing, the first step is to know what each label color stands for. Each color represents a certain genre in our Browsing Collection. Below are the genres we currently have in Browsing with their matching color and their abbreviation on the call number.

For example, Mystery is abbreviated as MYS on our books, and the label is red.

How to Read Browsing Call Number

Much simpler than Library of Congress, the first step to finding a book in Browsing is to locate the genre. Remember their colors, but if you don't, that's OK!  The shelves are labeled, too. 


Next, you need to find the author's last name. They are in ABC order on the shelves.

King Slaughter

K comes before S in the alphabet.


If an author has written a series of books, then we have a 3rd line that is usually abbreviated with the series title and is also in ABC order. The books are labeled and shelved according to their order.

Clare Clare
Dark 1 Dark 2

In this case, the books are shelved in numerical order.


Some authors have multiple series. If this is happens, then the series are put in ABC order.

Clare Clare
Dark 1 Infe 1

D comes before I


One last thing for book call numbers. Nothing always comes before something!

Clare Clare
Dark 1