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Understanding Call Numbers

DVD Call Numbers

Our Browsing collection also has DVDs that you can check out. They have their own call numbers as well.

There are no specific colors for each genre, but we do have them alphabetized by genre on the shelf. Some of these genres are abbreviated on the call number like the books in Browsing.

Genres include:

Genre On Call Number
Action ACT
Animation ANIM
Classics Classic
Comedy Comedy
Drama Drama
Family Family
Horror Horror
Musical Music
Sci-Fi/Fantasy S/F
TV Series TV
Non Fiction NF


DVD Shelving Order

Like for Browsing books, the DVDs are arranged by genre, and then in ABC order by movie name. Most, if not all, titles have been abbreviated on the call number. 


If a movie title starts with a number...

48 Antman

the number comes first.


Movie series are the same as Browsing series.

The movies are put in numerical order.

Dark Dark
1 2

1 comes before 2