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Borrowing More Than Books

List of non-print items available for checkout.

Borrowing Study Kits & Supplies   


If you ever find you've forgotten study supplies, the library has you covered! We have loanable kits to help you with your school work. These loan on reserve for 4 hours and include:


Type Items
Study Kit 1 ruler; 3 pens; 2 highlighters; 1 white out; 1 glue; 1 8 pc. crayon pack; 1 pair of scissors; 1 permanent marker; 1 block of post-its
Dry-Erase Board Kit

1 marker board; 6 multi-colored expo markers, 1 eraser

Color Pencils Kit 1 pack of 50 colored pencils
Markers Kit 1 pack of 20 washable markers
Fabric Markers Kit 1 pack of 10 fabric fine line markers