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Policies and Procedures

Library Community Users Policy

Approved by Library Committee 12/6/2019 Adopted by President’s Cabinet 12/13/19

East Georgia State College Library encourages use of its resources by residents of the college's 14-county service area, known as Community Users. Users can check out from the standard items collection. The Heritage Room Special Collection is only available for in house use, in accordance with the Heritage Center Policy, located on the Library webpage.

Borrower Type Loan Period Renewal Period
Community Users 14 Days 7 Days


EGSC's Collection

The EGSC Library’s collection is purchased with a focus on the curriculum of classes at the college. It is not a public library, which means the collection is academic based and does not cater to all ages. Library accounts will be created in Alma based on government issued identification.


Patrons under the age of 15 must always have an adult guardian present with them in the library. Patrons older than 10 years old, are allowed to use the computers without constant adult supervision. Children under the age of 10 years old must always have an adult guardian with them. It is the responsibility of the adult guardian to monitor the content of website material the child is viewing.

College Policies & Procedures

Library patrons must adhere to college policies and procedures. All college policies can found here.

EGSC is a tobacco free campus. The policy may be viewed here. 

The East Georgia State College campus is designated as a school safety zone by Georgia’s Safe Carry Protection Act (also known as “Campus Carry” and defined in O.C.G.A 16-11-127.1). Except as otherwise provided herein, it is unlawful for any person to carry or possess or to have under such person’s control any weapon or explosive compound while within a school safety zone. Electroshock weapons and handguns are allowed on campus subject to certain limitations as provided by law. This policy also sets forth procedures for compliance with Campus Carry. The library is considered an excluded area; therefore, weapons are not permitted. The policy may be viewed here. 

Library Conduct

The Library Conduct policy does extend to Community Users. The Library asks that all users be mindful of the content/usage of resources. If inappropriate material is found affiliated with a Community User, the user will be banned from the Library. Users are asked to be respectful of other patrons and refrain from disruption to others. Computers are open access; no personal accounts should be left open or logged in to, so do not leave any personal accounts open or logged into.

The Library is not responsible for lost or damaged property. Patrons should never leave personal items unattended.

The Library staff is available to help Community Users with various needs. However, if the reference request is out of the scope of the staff members’ expertise, the staff may refer the patron to other sources.