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Policies and Procedures

Library Weeding Policy

Approved by Library Committee 12/6/2019 Adopted by President’s Cabinet 12/13/19

Weeding is an essential and continuous component of collection maintenance within libraries. Removing materials from the collection for reasons such as being outdated, unused, or damaged ensures the physical library collection is relevant and useful to support the curriculum for East Georgia State College (EGSC), while also providing space for newly acquired materials.

Weeding is based on the following criteria:

1) the amount of material in a subject area

2) balance of the collection in terms of viewpoints and trends

3) usage through circulation statistics

4) number of copies

5) physical condition

6) date of material. Items in the reference section that are replaced by newer editions will be placed in the stacks.


The EGSC Library is required by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and state and federal regulations to inventory and track moveable assets. Assets are acquired from a variety of sources and must be used for institutional purposes and must be disposed of in accordance to state guidelines. The Department of Administrative Services defines surplus property as “any item that is non-consumable and non-expendable that is no longer needed”. These items may or may not be inventoried by the College. There are several options for disposing of state property. Weeded materials may be donated to another state agency or surplused in compliance with State of Georgia regulations

Last Copy in Georgia

As part of the University System of Georgia, EGSC Library will adhere to the Last Copy in Georgia Policy that was developed to preserve unique material. This policy was adopted by RACL on April 4, 1997.