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Policies and Procedures

Heritage Center Policy

Approved by Library Committee 12/6/2019 Adopted by President’s Cabinet 12/13/19

The Heritage Center at East Georgia State College houses print items, images, manuscripts, maps, artifacts, microforms, and digital and audio-visual materials. Most items within the collection relate to the college, local history, regional history, state history, genealogy, and unique value. As such the collection includes many items that are unique, fragile, historical, rare, and/or irreplaceable. Beyond any restrictions placed upon materials by donors, Heritage Center circulation policies are as follows:

1. The Heritage Center is open for use by all faculty, students, and staff, as well as visitors, during library hours, with the exception being when the center is reserved for special use.

2. Manuscript, image, and map materials in the Heritage Center are to be used in the center and are not to be removed from the premises except by library staff for cataloging, maintenance, and/or other archival purposes.

3. Manuscript materials may be copied under the supervision of library staff with payment following standard college policy.

4. Print, digital, microform, and audio-visual materials may be used within the premises of the library.

5. Faculty and staff may use books and media items in their offices for research.

6. Unless authorized by the Library Director or Coordinator of the Heritage Center, no Heritage Center materials are to be taken off-campus.