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Policies and Procedures

Library Conduct Policy

Approved by Library Committee 12/6/2019 Approved by President’s Cabinet 12/13/19

Patrons of the East Georgia State College Library expect the Library to be a suitable place for quiet study, group study, and research. To create an atmosphere that will ensure a productive environment, the Library requires that users to follow the Library Conduct Policy by refraining from the activities listed below:

Avoid These Activities

• Destroying library books/print items by marking, underlining, tearing out pages, removing binding and barcodes.

• Installing personal programs on computers.

• Abusing and misusing furniture and facility.

• Removing library materials or property without checking them out or without proper authorization.

• Smoking, vaping, also to include use of smokeless tobacco.

• Hiding or concealing books or periodicals for later use by an individual or group.

• Failing to return overdue items within the loan period or when items have been recalled by the Library.

• Failing to pay fines and fees for overdue, damaged, and lost items.

• Disrupting and disturbing others by behaving in a disorderly manner, to include but not limited to talking loudly on a cell phone, offensive sexual behavior, and harassment.

• Entering an unauthorized area of the Library; remaining in the Library after closing or when requested to leave during an emergency drill or situation.

• Wearing inappropriate attire (swimsuits, clothing with drug paraphernalia, bad language, etc.), going barefoot, undressing.

In Agreement With

The Library Conduct Policy is in accordance with policies of conduct found in the handbooks for Students, Faculty, and Staff. The official Student Code of Conduct  still applies within the library.

Any damages to Library property may require compensation and may include reporting to the Office of Student Conduct and/or EGSC Public Safety.